Metal Fabrication

Linders Specialty Company, a leader in metal bending and rolling, offers additional metal fabrication services to manufacture engineered and designed metal products. Value-added metal fabrication services produce complete solutions for industrial metal fabrications. Create quality custom components or complete assemblies from design to production and delivery with our advanced metal fabrication capabilities.

Metal Bending, Forming and Cutting

Linders Specialty Company provides metal product manufacturing with our core bending and rolling capabilities and value-added services for precision assembly and expert finishing. In addition to metal parts manufacturing, we design and produce complete metal assemblies. With forty years of experience in manufacturing short and medium-run components for OEMs nationwide, we fabricate metal parts and products with an innovative approach to design and production. Specializing in commercial and structural solutions, we offer metal forming and cutting solutions to ensure your metal fabricated parts meet your exact specifications. 
Welding Stainless-Steel cylinders

Steel Fabrication

Structural steel fabrication services are essential for the construction industry. A high-strength structural steel product can be used for commercial, industrial, or residential solutions. Steel is a popular structural fabrication material, ideal for use in building foundations. Typical structural steel fabrication applications include towers, platforms, walkways, stairs, and structural components such as beams or trusses.

Aluminum Fabrication

Commercial aluminum fabrications can be found in restaurants, stores, and municipal buildings. Decorative and ornamental fabricated parts are often made of aluminum or stainless steel compared to heavy duty structural steel fabrications.  

Corten Steel Fabrication

We also offer custom corten steel fabrication for landscaping assemblies, commercial signs, sculptures, and structural components.  With state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary methodology, our services deliver premium metal products for a variety of businesses and industries.

Welding Services

With access to talented and knowledgeable subcontractors, Linders works with industry experts to produce complete solutions to application challenges. We work with local vendors to provide components that would be difficult to produce in one operation, including authenticated welders with the following certifications from the American Welding Society:

  • AWS D1.1 - 1G
  • AWS D1.1 - 2G
  • AWS D1.1 - 3G
  • AWS D1.1 - 4G
  • AWS D1.2 - 1G
  • AWS D1.6 - 1G

Metal Finishing Services

Linders Specialty works with internal and external partners to provide value-added metal finishing services. In addition to our metal welding, cutting, and forming services, metal finishing can include media or sandblasting, mirror finish polishing, powder coating, paint, and more.

Linders Specialty Metal Fabrication Advantages

Engineering metal products or parts with Linders Specialty Company ensures quality every time. We are experts at metal bending and rolling and offer decades of experience in metal fabrication, working with OEMs and independent operations nationwide. Prioritizing proper machining and combined functions to reduce costs and lead times, we also incorporate laser alignment to ensure optimal accuracy. We take pride in our extenstive metal fabrication experience and capabilities and have developed solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems for a wide variety of industries.

Large customized displays

Choose a Metal Fabricator You Can Trust

With over 40 years of experience, Linders Specialty Company has the knowledge, ability, and resources to create high-quality metal products from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, corten steel, and other metals with state of the art equipment and a solid team with many years of skilled experience and knowledge with industrial and commercial metal fabrication. Using the latest technology and equipment, we offer several bending and rolling manufacturing processes to create metal parts and components for any industry with minimal material loss, exact tolerances, and reduced material distortion.

Contact Linders Specialty Company for more information on our metal bending, rolling and total fabrication of your metal parts, structures or components or request a quote for your custom metal fabrication solution today.