About Us

Your Metal Parts & Metal Fabrication Partner since 1964.

Linders Specialty Company is a leading provider of tube bending, pipe bending, beam bending, bar bending, plate rolling, structural tube bending, and steel fabrication solutions for OEM component parts or one-of-a kind designs for multiple industries.

Our Company

Since 1964, Linders Specialty Company has been providing custom metal fabrication services to OEM’s, metal fabricators, manufacturers and artists all over North America. Our capabilities in specialty metal forming and fabricating make us the perfect partner to support you in your most difficult projects. Let us help you with our experience in mild steel, stainless steel and other high-nickel-content alloys, brass, bronze or aluminum. If it’s piece-parts or complete systems, we can help.

Our Quality

Our experienced technicians will help in value engineering to keep cost down and quality high. Laser alignment is incorporated whenever possible to ensure straightness and accuracy for all parts and projects. We pride ourselves in designing parts that fixture themselves to assist in speedy and accurate assembly and precise overall dimensional tolerance upon completion.

Design & EngineeringDesigning and Engineering

Our innovative approach to part design and production has allowed us to work with OEMs to modify parts specifications, produce specialty tooling, and reducing costs and lead times by combining operations during the production process.

We have also been working with the metal sculpture community for decades. We take great pride in being trusted by the art community to perform the work on these memorable projects and recall the enjoyable moments in developing the unique combinations of materials and processes required to complete each of these beautiful and endearing projects.


Looking for a particular part or design? We can use your 3D design or we can help you create it. We enjoy the challenge of special projects where we can put our unique combination of experience and specialized equipment to good use. Our CAD programmers and technicians design parts to assemble precisely and quickly to mitigate in-field costs and rework and maintain a precise dimensional tolerance upon completion.

Metal Fabrication

Linders Specialty Company has over fifty years’ experience in manufacturing short and medium run parts for OEMs all over the United States, Canada and Mexico. Whether its truck and crane parts, tank and hopper parts, food processing equipment parts, conveying system parts, or repairing damaged and broken parts we can put our experience to good use. Our integrated manufacturing machinery and computer systems design specialty tooling and cost saving methods for current and non-current parts while tracking materials and welder certifications.


At Linders Specialty Company we’re even able to manage shipping and logistics for our customers. We understand that deadlines can be tight and always changing, which is why it matters to have a partner with the flexibility to adjust workflows and logistics operations to hit those deadlines. Machine down for repairs? Construction project that can’t be delayed? Just let us know where your parts need to be and when, and we can take care of the rest!