About Linders Specialty Company

Since 1964, Linders Specialty Company has been a leading provider of custom metal fabrication services to OEMs, fabricators, manufacturers, and artists. With specialty metal rolling and forming capabilities beyond metal bending, we can fabricate even the most challenging projects within desired tolerances. Our experience in designing solutions with mild steel, stainless steel, and other high-nickel-content alloys, brass, bronze, and aluminum can create OEM components, piece parts, complete systems, and one-of-a-kind designs to your specifications.

Designing and Engineering

Your Expert Partner in Metal Fabrication

Offering over 50 years of experience fabricating metal components, our technicians know how to deliver high-quality metal products with our proprietary methodology. Using state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques developed by our team, metal fabrication services from Linders Specialty Company provide comprehensive solutions for a range of end users.

Our manufacturing experience includes short and medium-run parts for industrial OEMs, repairing damaged and broken parts, or designing and producing replacement parts for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With laser alignment to ensure straightness and accuracy, we pride ourselves on engineering and manufacturing high-tolerance parts that fixture themselves to assist in precision assembly and close overall dimensional tolerance upon completion.

Custom Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Linders Specialty Company works with an array of metal fabrication capabilities to produce various metal components, parts, and systems. Our processes utilize integrated machinery and computer systems to design specialty tooling and determine cost-saving methods for current and non-current parts. We are a leader in metal bending with specialty metal rolling capabilities and comprehensive finishing services to produce complete parts to your requirements. Full-service metal fabrication capabilities include:

Prototyping  |  Metal Bending  |  Specialty Rolling  |  Forming & Cutting

PrototypingComplete fabrications are possible with our prototype to production capabilities. Using your design or working withus to create a custom 3D design, our CAD programmers and technicians can engineer part configurations for fast, efficient assembly. In addition, we provide simple metal rolling and bending capabilities for beams, angles, channels, tubes, and plates, as well as specialty rolling for cones, handrail moldings, coils, plate and sheet with cone attachments, spiral stair stringers, and CNC bending capabilities.


To deliver complete components, Linders Specialty Company offers welding and secondary services for fabrication and finishing, such as:

Press Brake Forming  |  Shearing  |  Sawing  |  5-Axis HD Plasma Plate Burning  |  5-Axis HD Plasma Tube/Pipe Cutting

Finishing services are also available for comprehensive solutions. Working with internal and external partners, our metal finishing capabilities include sandblasting, powder coating, polishing, plating, and painting. View our capabilities brochure here.

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Creating High-Quality Components for Multiple Industries

With premium metal fabrication services, Linders Specialty Company has a wealth of experience manufacturing components for industrial applications, OEMs, and several other types of end users. Over time, we’ve developed efficient fabrication practices for OEMs to produce components quickly and affordably. Working with OEMs, Linders has developed specialized tooling, fixtures, and equipment modifications to return the highest quality products. Additionally, our expert methodology can create a range of metal fabrications for commercial, industrial, and recreational uses. We have produced high-quality metal products for the following industries and applications:

Custom Metal Fabrication Solutions

From prototyping to production through to logistics and shipping, Linders Specialty Company is a full-service, custom metal fabricator. Our engineers have decades of experience in computer-aided design for 2D and 3D, with the ability to design custom metal solutions for many industries, uses, and functions. Utilizing innovative approaches to part design, we have worked with OEMs to modify specifications, create specialty tooling solutions, and reduce costs and lead times by combining operations during the production process.

Providing experience in short and medium-run productions, we fabricate your required components to your specifications with competitive pricing and fast turnarounds that keep your project on track. We manage shipping and logistics, allowing us the flexibility to adjust to workflow changes and meet necessary deadlines. 



At Linders Specialty Company, we can manage shipping and logistics for our customers. We understand that deadlines can be tight and constantly changing, so having a partner with the flexibility to adjust workflows and logistics operations to hit those deadlines matters. Machine down for repairs? Construction project that can’t be delayed? Just let us know where your parts need to be and when, and we can take care of the rest!

Why Choose Linders Specialty Company?

We have the expertise and technology to manufacture the high-quality metal parts you require. At Linders Specialty Company, our full-service metal fabrication uses exclusive techniques and methodology to design, engineer, and produce everything from simple rolled components to challenging specialty components and to complete systems that meet the necessary specifications. With value-added pre-cutting and post-finishing services, working with us can achieve optimized, complete parts from prototyping to production. Then, to meet essential project deadlines, our shipping and logistics services deliver your finished metal products with the ability to adapt to workflow changes and accomplish tight turnarounds. View our capabilities overview for more insight into the exact dimensions we can produce.

Contact Linders Specialty Company with any questions about our services and capabilities, or request a quote today to get started on your metal fabrication project.