Tube Bending

Along with our other fabrication expertise, Linders Specialty Company has been bending tubes for over four decades. We have the know-how to accurately reproduce the exact rolled tube results to get you the product that you require. Linders operates and maintains a multitude of state-of-the-art systems to produce the bend and rolled tube for your needs quickly and efficiently.

Our equipment selection starts with simple tube benders for smaller 1 inch round and square material. We use our larger, more complex systems to go all the way up to 12 inches for round tube and 16 inches for rectangular material. Our rolling process uses hardened steel dies for structural challenges and high-tech polymer dies for those applications which require a reduction in any surface scratches.

Natural deformation is restricted and reduced in orientation by using the Linders proven expertise in bending and rolling.

We are experts on:

  • Small round tube bending
  • Small square tube bending
  • Large round tube bending
  • Large square tube bending
  • Rectangular tube bending – easy way
  • Rectangular tube bending – hard way
  • Scratch-reduced rolling of stainless-steel tubes
  • Scratch-reduced rolling of aluminum tubes
  • Advanced mandrel bending when required by the material orientation

Linders Specialty Company has the experience to effectively bend tube with multiple bends, varying radii across the multiple bends, bending off axis, and spiraling. Our CNC rolling equipment gives us the ability to maintain the quality that you need for a multitude of high tolerance rolled tube with simple or compound bends.

The Linders methodology, along with our broad span of equipment, ensures that we have the right tooling to complete your job even with a demanding delivery schedule.

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Additional Value

In addition to our basic tube bending, Linders Specialty Company can also finish your design in our other departments. We can sawplasma or torch cut as well as drill or trim & bevel your parts. Our fabrication expertise will merge your finished tubes with other components with our certified welders. We can add surface finishing such as paint, powder coating, sandblasting and corrosion prevention to the final product.


Our tube bending components have been widely used for:

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