Tube Bending Services

As an expert metal fabricator, Linders Specialty Company has over four decades of experience in tube bending. We have the technical expertise to deliver precision tube bending services, accurately producing rolled tubes to your exact specifications. Our operations utilize the latest machining technologies to fabricate rolled tube components with minimal distortion and tight tolerances. Learn about our tube bending processes and services, value-added offerings, and the benefits of custom tube bending.

Metal Tube Bending Capabilities

Tube bending is a complex metal fabrication technique that produces rolled tubes through force. Metal tubes are placed against an application specific die, and excessive force is applied to create a bend. With years of experience, industrial metal tube bending offers an effective way to create rolled tube components that meet application requirements.

Tube bending services use hardened steel dies to overcome structural challenges, and high-technology polymer dies for reduced surface scratching. Our proven expertise and premium technology allow for quality rolled tube components with minimal material deformation.

Custom metal tube bending capabilities include:

  • Small Tube Bending
  • Small Square Tube Bending
  • Large Round Tube Bending
  • Large Square Tube Bending
  • Rectangular Tube Bending – Easy Way
  • Rectangular Tube Bending – Hard Way
  • Scratch-Reduced Rolling of Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Scratch-Reduced Rolling of Aluminum Tubes
  • Advanced Mandrel Bending When Required by Material Orientation

High-quality tube bending fabrications from Linders Specialty Company can also produce CNC pipe bending components and tube coils with precision tolerances to meet application requirements.

Specifications for Tube Bending Services

Leading methodology from Linders Specialty for tube bending includes specialized equipment selection. We utilize simple tube benders for 1” round and square materials. Complex tube bending systems can achieve 12” in round materials and 16” in rectangular. Technical specifications for our tube bending capabilities include the following:

  • Round Tube: Maximum Size of 12” Pipe, with a Current Tooling Maximum of 8” Pipe (8-5/8” OD), with a Minimum Centerline Diameter of 12 x Pipe OD, and Minimum Wall Thickness of 1/28th of OD
  • Rectangular Tube (Easy): Maximum Size of 16” x 8” x 1/2”, with Critical Dimensions Equal to Inside Diameter, Contact Sales for Minimum Inside Diameter Specifications
  • Rectangular Tube (Hard): Maximum Size of 12” x 8” x 1/2”, with Critical Dimensions Equal to Inside Diameter/Radius, Contact Sales for Minimum Inside Diameter Specifications
  • Square Tube: Maximum Size of 10” x 10” x 5/8”, with Critical Dimensions Equal to Inside Diameter/Radius, Contact Sales for Minimum Inside Diameter Specifications

Linders Specialty Company has the technical expertise and finest equipment to produce rolled tubes with multiple bends, varying radii across multiple curves, bending off-axis, and spiraling. Our CNC rolling equipment allows us to achieve many high-tolerance rolled tubes with simple or compound bends while maintaining premium quality.

Benefits of our Metal Tube Bending Services

Custom tube bending offers advantages to your industrial applications. Providing an effective way to produce exceptional rolled products with reduced material distortion and minimal surface scratching, Linders Specialty Company's proprietary bending techniques can return components that meet your exact requirements. Our metal tube bending services offer high-quality benefits, such as eliminating joints and fixtures and potential leaks that accompany them, maintenance of material integrity, and visual aesthetic benefits.

Tube Bending Services Value-Added Offerings

In addition to precision tube bending services, Linders Specialty Company offers high-quality value-added services to create a complete component. Our full-service metal fabrications include secondary services for metal cutting and forming, as well as welding services. A number of surface finishing services are also available, including painting, powder coating, sandblasting, and corrosion prevention.

Metal Tube Bending for a Variety of Industries

Rolled tube components can be found in a variety of industrial applications across industries. Linders Specialty Company has produced rolled tubes for:

Discover High-Quality Tube Bending Services from Linders Specialty Company

With over 40 years of experience in high-quality metal fabrication, Linders Specialty Company produces rolled tube components using proprietary methodology. Using the latest in precision technology, our tube bending services meet exact specifications and tight tolerances to provide optimal performance to your applications. Linders Specialty Company delivers excellent quality for custom tube bending operations featuring reduced material distortion and secondary services to produce a finished component.

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