Metal Shearing

To support the core bending and rolling of Linders Specialty Company, shearing is often times the first step in the process.

Die cutting or shearing as it is better known as, is a metal fabrication process which uses opposing blades to cut straight lines on flat metal stock without introducing the minor deformities of burning or melting. Shearing is efficient and inexpensive as it produces clean cuts with no waste in the form of chips or melting.

Shearing allows much tighter tolerances than other forms of cutting. And is it usually ideal for applications that require straight cuts; it’s also perfect for regular rectangular pieces.

With the Linders Specialty Company’s ability to shear the metal material upon our incoming Parts Department, we can save your project significantly in freight costs, precious production time and in-house coordination of all production processes.

Our shearing can be performed on sheet, strip, bar and plate steel as well as stainless steel and aluminum


  • Maximum Thickness:
    • 0.5 inches mild steel, aluminum
    • 3/8-inch stainless steel
  • Minimum Thickness: TBD based on size & material
  • Max width: 10 feet (larger sizes may be handled with our plasma current table)
  • Back Gauging
  • Front Gauging

Linders Provides Metal Shearing as Needed for Your Fabricated Metal Project

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