Pipe Bending Services

Linders Specialty Company is an expert metal fabricator with over 40 years of experience producing rolled pipes. With a host of full-service metalworking capabilities, we offer custom pipe bending for bent pipe components to serve various applications across many industries. Linders operates and maintains a selection of the latest equipment to create the required components to exact specifications. Learn more about our pipe bending services and specifications, secondary services, and some of the industrial applications we've worked with for rolled pipes. 

Custom Pipe Bending Capabilities

Pipe bending services can produce bent pipe components for industrial applications. In-house techniques and modern, high-quality tooling and equipment allow us to create rolled pipes to the desired specifications with reduced natural distortion of the pipe material. Our pipe bending capabilities include:

  • Small Round Pipe Bending
  • Large Round Pipe Bending
  • Scratch-Reduced Rolling for Stainless Steel Pipes
  • Scratch-Reduced Rolling for Aluminum Pipes
  • Advanced Mandrel Bending (when required by material orientation)

At Linders Specialty Company, our decades of expertise support custom pipe bending capabilities to produce rolled pipe components with multiple bends, varying radii across multiple bends, bending off-axis, and spiraling when needed. Advanced CNC rolling equipment creates high-quality, complex bends to strict tolerances like simple and compound bends.

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Specifications for Rolled Pipe

Using our proprietary methodology and state-of-the-art equipment, we can produce custom rolled pipe components to your requirements. Custom pipe bending from Linders Specialty Company starts with equipment selection to address specific component needs. We have simple pipe rollers for sub-1” capabilities and complex systems with 12” bending capabilities. Specifications for our pipe bending services are as follows:

  • Round Tube/Pipe
    • Maximum size 12” Pipe
    • Minimum centerline diameter of 12 x OD of pipe
    • Minimum wall thickness of 1/28th of OD

Metal Materials for Pipe Bending

We work with various metal materials to produce rolled pipes according to your application requirements. Using customized tooling and the latest technology, we can create bent pipes with scratch-reduced rolling for aluminum and stainless steel materials. Our pipe bending capabilities also work with a range of other metal materials, like brass, copper, steel, and corten steel.

Value-Added Services for Rolled Pipe Components

In addition to our pipe bending services, we offer secondary services for a complete rolled pipe component. With assistance from our other metal fabrication departments, value-added services for bent pipes include high-quality 5-axis plasma tube cutting, sawing, shearing, press brake forming, welding, and drilling capabilities. Combining our fabrication expertise with the work of certified expert welders, we can fit your finished pipes with other metal components and optionally add surface finishing like paint, powder coating, sandblasting, and corrosion prevention.

Industries & Applications for Rolled Pipe

Custom pipe bending creates rolled pipes for various industrial applications. At Linders Specialty Company, we use expert pipe bending techniques and the latest equipment to produce components to your specifications. A versatile part for a variety of applications across industries, bent pipes can be used for but are not limited to the following:

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With decades of experience in custom metal fabrication, Linders Specialty Company is an expert in producing rolled pipe components. We use proprietary methodology and state-of-the-art equipment and tooling dies to create bent pipes to your specifications and provide secondary services for a full-service fabrication solution. Discover custom pipe bending at Linders with negligible distortion and scratch-reduced capabilities for high-quality rolled pipes.

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