Corten Steel Fabrication

Corten steel is a high-quality, decorative, low-alloy steel used in various industries. Linders Specialty Company uses advanced methods to create custom fabrications with Corten steel. We offer custom Corten steel fabrication for landscaping assemblies, commercial signs, sculptures, and structural components.

With state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary methodology, our services deliver premium metal products for a variety of businesses and industries. Understand our capabilities for Corten steel fabrication, including forming, welding, and finishing services to produce custom metal components.

Corten Steel for Landscaping

Custom-fabricated Corten steel is widely used for aesthetic landscaping design assemblies. Desired for its decorative properties, Corten steel is a weathering metal that develops rust as a protective layer that looks stylish against stone, wood, and greenery. With custom metal forming and cutting capabilities, we use Corten steel for landscaping components and assemblies, such as:

  • Corten steel edging
  • Corten steel planters
  • Corten steel raised garden beds
  • Corten steel fountains
  • Corten steel water features
  • Corten steel retaining walls
  • Corten steel fire pits
  • And more

Commercial Corten Steel Signs

Favored for being unique in natural environments, Corten steel is an excellent material used for commercial business signage. The weathering properties of Corten steel also mean it is virtually maintenance-free, developing a healthy patina of colors that continuously change over time. With sophisticated plasma cutting abilities, we can custom fabricate Corten steel signs for your commercial business using exclusive, proprietary fabrication techniques and the latest technology.

Corten Steel Sculptures & Artwork

We can fabricate Corten steel into sculptures and artwork using advanced plasma cutting and high-quality welding capabilities. Possessing aesthetically pleasing and decorative qualities makes Corten steel an exceptional choice for steel sculptures and artwork. In addition to rusty orange hues, Corten steel can be burnished to a textured finish for unique projects. Linders Specialty Company can execute complex design requirements for Corten steel sculptures with in-house fabrication capabilities and secondary finishing services.

Structural Corten Steel Components

Corten steel is an aesthetic choice for structural and architectural components. Aside from decorative and embellishing uses, the weathering properties of Corten steel offer increased corrosion resistance and robustness. In construction applications, Corten steel demonstrates high-tensile strength and durability with reduced maintenance costs due to its natural appearance. Using our modern capabilities for metal cutting and welding operations, we can create various structural metal products with Corten steel:

  • Corten steel bridge components
  • Corten steel walls
  • Corten steel railings
  • And more
Corten Wall Combined

Discover Custom Corten Steel Fabrication at Linders Specialty Company

At Linders Specialty Company, we are a full-service metal fabricator of Corten steel products. Our processes use the latest technology and exclusive, in-house methodology to create high-quality Corten steel fabrications. With advanced capabilities such as plasma cutting, welding, and finishing services, we can produce fabrications from Corten steel for a variety of industries and applications. Contact us with your questions or request a quote today to get started on your Corten steel project.