Metal Sawing

Linders Specialty Company maintains a pair of Marvel vertical tilting head band saws with a clamping capacity of 18” by 18” and a feed length of 18”.

Beyond the standard use for these saws, we have measured their tables and travel paths and programmed them into our CAD system. This allows us to create trimming fixtures to not only precisely trim parts by attaching the fixtures directly to the saws but ensures consistency by providing a check fixture for every part coming out of our rollers and benders.

We can also create compound miter cuts quickly and accurately with a special fixture designed to bolt directly to the saw tables.

Our band saws have a toothed or abrasive blade that rotates around guide structures to make clean, precise cuts. Cutting fluid is often used to lubricate metal cuts. Different band saws blades are specifically selected to make the optimal cut for your material type and thickness.

From vertical tilt-frame band saws to bundle cutting saws you can count on Linder to finish your production parts with high quality and accuracy.

High Precision Saw Cutting Capabilities

  • Standard vertical band saw cuts
  • Complex miter cuts
  • High precision multiple miter cuts
  • In process hands-held cuts on rolling machines to reduce costs
  • Plasma cutting for cost-effective solutions
  • Oxyacetylene cutting for quick solutions

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