5-Axis Plasma Plate Burning

Linders Specialty Company

While the unique core of Linders Specialty Company is bending and rolling, many projects will often begin or finish with plasma cutting. Our 5-axis plasma plate cutting system will take metal plates, or tubes and form them into the correct shape for the next step of rolling, braking, sawing, punching or welding.

We also finalize many projects with our 5-axis plasma plate cutting system by adding holes, slots and other openings which can be done much more efficiently than other methods such as cutting or drilling.

Our ability to add plasma cutting as a pre- or post-fabrication step and save your project significantly in freight costs, precious production time and in-house coordination of all production processes.

Our large cutting surface enables us to handle your largest components. The high precision of our system gives you the economy of plasma cutting with tolerances and finish that rival laser cutting. The power of our processes will handle material up to 2 inches in thickness. Yes, you heard me right, I said 2 inches. No kidding, really? That’s fricking amazing, sign me up


  • Cutting surface: 8 feet x 24 feet
  • Max thickness:
    • Steel: 2 inches
    • Stainless: 1.5 inches
    • Aluminum: 1.5 inches
  • Edges: ±45˚
  • Bevel cutting: A, V, K, X; up to ±45˚
  • Hole diameters: down to 50% of material thickness

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