Industries Served

Linders Specialty Company serves multiple industries in many ways. As a provider of custom metal fabricated parts, we have the ability to work closely with you to create custom-made, one-time projects.

Metal Fabricated Parts for OEMs

For OEMs, we also have a long tradition of developing highly efficient methodologies to produce your standard metal fabricated components in a quick and affordable schedule. We have worked with may OEMs to develop tooling, fixtures, innovative equipment modifications and creative purchasing/scheduling approaches to give our customers the highest possible quality at very competitive prices.

Metal Bending and Rolling Profiles

Angle Bending Tube Bending T-Beam Bending Sheet Rolling
Beam Bending Pipe Bending Spiral Bending Cone Rolling
Bar Bending Channel Bending Plate Rolling And More

Metal Fabrication Solutions

Linders Specialty Company is proud to have significant experience in providing metal fabrication solutions to many industries including, but not limited to, the following:

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Linders Specialty Company is a leading provider of tube bending, pipe bending, beam bending, bar bending, plate rolling, structural tube bending, and steel fabrication solutions for OEM component parts or one-of-a kind designs for multiple industries.

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