Custom Metal Works

Manufacturing components for industrial applications requires proven processes and state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to extensive bending and rolling capabilities, metal cutting and forming create the parts you need to exact specifications. With Linders Specialty, metal fabrication services can take components from design to a high-quality finished product.

Metal Cutting and Metal Forming Services

Metal forming and cutting capabilities utilize the latest equipment to create complex and precise cuts, as well as form metal stock for the next fabrication stage. Metal fabrication capabilities include press brake forming, sawing, shearing, plasma plate burning, and plasma tube cutting.

Press Brake Forming

A metal forming process, press brake forming uses a machine pressing tool to create prearranged bends in a sheet or plate of metal. Featuring high precision and repeatability, press brake forming can quickly produce multiple bends in a piece of metal. Using the latest equipment, press brake forming capabilities include quick change and modular tooling to ensure cost-effective manufacturing and fast turnarounds.


Prioritizing our equipment capabilities, metal sawing operations utilize Marvel vertical tilting head band saws with specifications programmed into the CAD system for enhanced precision and increased consistency. Saw blades are selected for optimal cutting based on material type and thickness. Sawing operations include:

  • Standard vertical band saw cuts
  • Complex and precision multiple miter cuts
  • In-process hand-held cuts on rolling machines for reduced cost
  • Plasma cutting & Oxyacetylene cutting


Also known as die cutting, shearing is a metal cutting process that uses opposing blades to cut straight lines on flat metal without producing minor deformities that come with other cutting methods. Shearing creates clean cuts with reduced waste and can achieve tighter tolerances than other cutting methods; shearing is ideal for straight cuts and rectangular-shaped components.

5-Axis Plasma Plate Burning

Often used at the beginning or end of component fabrication, plasma plate burning takes flat metal stock and prepares the component for the next manufacturing stage or finishing. Metal cutting capabilities with plasma plate burning can add holes, slots, and other cuts more efficiently than other methods. As a pre- or post-fabrication service, plasma plate burning can reduce freight costs and enhance turnaround times through in-house production coordination.

5-Axis Plasma Tube Cutting

Similar to plasma plate burning, plasma tube cutting is utilized as a pre- and post-fabrication service. Plasma tube cutting takes stock metal tubes and forms them for the next step of metal cutting, rolling, punching, braking, or welding. Plasma tube metalworking machinery provides the economy of plasma cutting with high-precision tolerances and finishes that rival laser cutting capabilities.

Industries Served

Metal forming and cutting services can produce various components across industries. Our metalworking capabilities can create custom, one-time projects or repeatable parts for OEMs using highly efficient and precise cutting and forming processes. Industries served by Linders Specialty metal fabrication services include the following:

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Linders Specialty Company provides quality metal cutting and forming services to create components to exacting requirements. We can create metal fabrications that meet application needs using the latest metalworking machinery and years of technical knowledge and experience. Our metal forming and cutting capabilities offer reduced waste, enhanced efficiency, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Contact us today for more information on our metal fabrication services or request a quote for a custom solution.