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Linders Specialty Company Linders Specialty Company

Metal bending is the core of Linders Specialty Company.

We have been bending and rolling metal for over 40 years; soon after the initial inception of our company in 1964.  While we specialize in bending angles, beams, tubes, pipe, plates and so much more – the noticeable distinction to Linders Specialty Company is what we do before and after rolling.

We can start with our CNC plasma cutting table or bring your material down to the correct size with our sawing work centers.  Our state-of-the-art press brake center can form your required material with our 6-axis back gauge.

After the bending and rolling process, we can finish your project with our highly trained, certified welding and fabrication department.  We also handle projects that are mainly fabrication with little or no metal bending.


The true flexibility of bringing your production challenges to Linders Specialty Company is that we offer so many of the manufacturing process that can address your needs.  We can truly be your one-stop-shop for creation of your fabrication requirements whether it is a one-time custom project or a regular OEM part for your long-term production.



Our rolled products have been widely used in: