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Linders Specialty Company Linders Specialty Company

Metal Bending is the Core of Linders Specialty Company

We have been bending and rolling metal for over 40 years after the initial inception of our company in 1964.

Our Bending and Rolling Capabilities

While we specialize in bending angles, beam bending, tube bending, pipe bending, plate rolling, sheet rolling, and so much more – the noticeable distinction to Linders Specialty Company is what we do before and after rolling for your complete metal fabrication services.

Metalwork Fabrication

With highly skilled metalworking technicians, trusting Linders Specialty Company with your project ensures components will meet your requirements to exact specifications and achieve tight tolerances using proven fabrication methods. laser

  • Press Brake Forming: Using a machine pressing tool, we can create prearranged bends in metal sheets or plates with high precision and repeatability.
  • Sawing: With Marvel vertical tilting band saws and the latest CAD technology, we can accurately produce vertical band saw cuts, miter cuts, hand-held cuts on rolling machines, plasma cuts, and oxyacetylene cutting.
  • Shearing: This process uses opposing blades to cut straight lines on flat metal. Also known as die cutting, shearing will not produce minor deformities found in other cutting methods.
  • 5-Axis Plasma Plate Burning: Before or after fabrication, plate burning with metal stock or a nearly finished component can add holes, slots, or other cuts with in-house capabilities.
  • 5-Axis Plasma Tube Cutting: Tube cutting readies the component for the next stage of cutting, rolling, punching, or welding with exceptional precision as a pre-fabrication or post-fabrication service.

Following the bending and rolling process, we can finish your project with our highly trained, certified welding and fabrication department. Our capabilities can also handle projects that prioritize fabrication with little or no metal bending.

Custom Metal Services

Our custom metal fabrication services offer flexibility for challenging production requirements. With state-of-the-art equipment and time-tested techniques to meet your specifications, Linders Specialty Company is your full-service fabricator.

  • Spiral Rolling: Using the latest technology, we can bend integral spirals with negligible distortion.
  • Tube Bending: We have bending capabilities for small tubes and large structures.
  • Sheet Metal Rolling: High-speed production with a low-cost mandrel for each part provides exceptional repeatability and efficiency, often with just one pass.
  • Cone Rolling: Rolled and bumped cones, complete fitting and welding capabilities, with complete layout and cutting services available.
  • Handrail Mouldings: Made of steel, bronze, or aluminum, applicable to level and pitched rails and special tooling to accommodate your application.

We work with various kinds of metals and provide value-added metal finishing services to create your specified components to exact requirements. Our specialty rolling capabilities can achieve custom requirements for high-quality fabricated metal solutions in virtually every industry.



Custom Metal Fabrication for OEMs Nationwide

Linders Specialty Company has nearly 60 years of experience in custom metal fabrication. Working with a highly knowledgeable cross-trained workforce, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert project managers, we can take your rolled metal products from prototype to production. Year after year, we produce perfect parts for OEMs across many industries. Our tube bending, bar bending, sheet rolling, and plate rolling processes provide high-quality components for every industry needing small lots or complete contract manufacturing.

Our methodology can save you time and money, if you produce curved metal parts in-house, compare labor and overall costs with our prices. We are specialists, and working with us may improve lead times and save costs. Our core competencies for custom metal fabrication include bending angles, bars, beams, channels, pipes, tubes, rails, tees, sheets, and plate metal. If you are in need of these services, evaluate our standards of service, speed, quality, and overall value to determine if working with Linders can improve your bottom line. Visit our About Us page to learn more about Linders Specialty Company, or call us to get started on your next project.