Plate Rolling

Metal fabrication creates numerous styles of metal components from various cutting and forming processes. Producing a rolled part can be challenging and requires specialized metal rolling equipment. With state-of-the-art technology and methods, Linders Specialty Company offers high-quality plate rolling using a variety of materials for applications in many industries.

What is Metal Plate Rolling?

A fabrication technique, metal rolling creates rolled components from sheet or plate metal. Plate metal varies in thickness and can be challenging to manipulate into rolled parts. The ability to produce rolled fabrications requires specialized equipment to meet exacting standards. Metal rolling is a process that utilizes a number of techniques, including sheet metal rolling and cone rolling. With the ability to produce complex components, plate rolling is an invaluable fabrication process that demands precision and accuracy. Linders Specialty Company employs state-of-the-art equipment and expert fabricators to create metal rolled parts, including:

  • Full Cylinders
  • Partial Cylinder Segments
  • Full Cones
  • Cone Segments
  • Spiral Stair Components
  • Helical Components

The shop at Linders utilizes several machines with the latest technology to select an appropriate process for creating your part to your requirements. Offering decades of expertise in metal fabrication and sheet metal rolling, our operations can complete rolled metal components from various materials with negligible surface scratching.

Industrial Applications for Sheet & Plate Rolling

Various industries and applications utilize parts made from plate rolling techniques. Rolled sheet and plate metal can be found in military, structural, agricultural, mining, and art industries. Applications that benefit from high-quality rolled metal parts include:

Working with many clients across a variety of industries, Linders has extensive experience with cone, sheet, and plate rolling fabrications. Our gallery demonstrates our commitment to delivering quality products with exceptional metal rolling capabilities.

Metal Rolling Technical Specifications

For our plate, sheet metal, and cone rolling capabilities, we can work with aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and a variety of other metal materials to return high-quality rolled metal components.

Design & Engineering for Plate Rolling

In addition to metal rolling services, our team offers design and engineering services to create the components you require. With over 60 years of combined 2D CAD experience and 40 years of combined 3D CAD experience, we can design parts to work with your applications and metal fabrication projects. We can provide creative DFMA (Design for Manufacturing & Assembly) guidance for fixtureless and fixtured designs. Incorporating the latest technology to work with the materials you desire to engineer required components, our machines offer repeatability and precision, ensuring your part meets or exceeds standards.

Plate Rolling Value-Added Services

Secondary metal services can produce a component ready for application use. We offer a variety of metal cutting and finishing services for rolled parts to provide complete solutions. Our value-added cutting services include brake press, shearing, sawing, welding, and plasma cutting; finishing services offer blasting, grinding, and polishing, as well as powder coating, paint, and plating from internal and external partners. We aim to deliver high-quality metal rolled components, providing full-service fabrication and finishing.

Contact Linders Specialty for Premium Plate Rolling Fabrications

Proud to offer over 40 years of metal fabrication experience, Linders Specialty Company produces quality metal rolled parts. Our shop utilizes the latest machinery to create components with reduced material distortion to your specifications. Technical expertise and experience allow us to provide additional design and engineering services for your rolled projects, and we offer value-added services to produce complete components ready for use.

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