Spiral Bending

Spiral bending can be performed on a multitude of metal structures to create precise and unique assemblies for your stair and artistic needs. At Linders Specialty Company, we pride ourselves in our ability to perfect this skill over the past 40 years.

With our wide selection of dies and specialty tooling, we can accurately reproduce your required spiral bending to requested tolerances with a high repeatability. Linders maintains and operates an array of rolling machines which allow us to select the correct equipment and tooling dies to roll your spirals to the desired radius.

The Linders Specialty Company’s state-of-the-art equipment at allows us to bend integral spirals with negligible distortion (which is also present to some degree during the bending process). We accomplish this due to our ability to match your project to the optimal rolling machine, allowing us to reduce wasted time and therefore reducing your total costs.

We are able to bend the following materials in spiral orientations:

  • Pipe
  • Tube
  • Channels
  • Beams
  • Flat bar
  • Plates

And we have the expertise to produce your rolled spirals with reduction of natural material distortion in all orientations.

We can also provide compound rolled spirals with varying or multiple radii.

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Additional Value

In addition to spiral bending your components, we can add stair pans and weld sections into assemblies. Linders can also trim and bevel your spiral components and add fabrication services to the overall final product. We can add plasma or torch cutting and sawing. Additional fabricated services such as punching or drilling holes can be included. Surface finishing including paint, powder coating, sandblasting and corrosion prevention are available.


Our rolled spiral components have been widely used for:

  • Architectural and structural applications.
  • Residential stairways
  • Industrial staircases
  • Storage tank stairs and railings
  • Plus many more

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