Architectural Metal Fabrication

Linders Specialty Company’s roots are in the world of architectural metals. Our origins in providing vital ornamental structures have opened the door to becoming the country’s premier provider of rolled products. For example, stairs and handrails are unique in that they require physical strength and must also be optimally aligned to retain the visual attractiveness of the building.  We offer extensive metal bending services from the metals your project requires with welding and finishing services needed to produce a precision top-quality final product.

Architectural Steel and Ornamental Steel Fabrications

The most common architectural components (large and small) provided by Linders Specialty Company have been:

  • Balcony Rails and Supports
  • Building Signage
  • Canopies and Fixed Awnings
  • Commercial Building Structures
  • Entry Roof Structures
  • Handrails, Straight and Curved
  • Spiral Handrails
  • Spiral Stairs
  • Plus much more

Be sure to visit our gallery of past architectural metal projects for a few great examples of the top quality components and assemblies we have provided to satisfied customers over the years.

Custom Architectural Metal Works

Linders Specialty Company can provide the metal materials for these projects or use our customers’ specialized metals. We have also used:

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