Metal Bending

For 40 years, Linders Specialty Company has been an expert in metal bending and rolling. State-of-the-art equipment and years of industry experience allow for the high-quality fabrication of tight-tolerance components and custom metal rolling solutions. Our decades-long investments in acquiring technology and expertise empower Linders to produce parts with minimal distortion of natural bending processes.

Metal Rolling Operations

At Linders Specialty, we can create quality metal fabrications using our proven metal bending and rolling processes. Our premier metal rolling capabilities including fabrication of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, corten steel and several other metal materials to produce your desired solutions. We can manufacture components using several bending processes, such as:

Linders Specialty fabricates quality solutions using metal beam rolling, angle bending, channel bending, tube bending, and plate rolling as our core metal bending capabilities.

Metal Bending Profiles

Beam Rolling

Time-tested beam bending capabilities from Linders Specialty Company can produce metal rolled beams to required tolerances with high repeatability. Beam rolling can be achieved perpendicular to the beam web and parallel to the beam web with our high-technology equipment. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows for large beam bending with negligible distortion and an efficient production process due to minimal material loss during trimming.

Angle Bending

We offer several angle-bending operations to meet complex application requirements. Using our advanced machines, we select equipment to produce components with accurate tolerances and a degree of repeatability. Linders Specialty has experience in leg-in angle rolling, leg-out, long leg-in and out, short leg-in and out, and heal-in and out angle rolling.

Channel Bending

Channel bending at Linders Specialty uses cutting-edge technology to fabricate metal rolling solutions. We can bend channels with flanges out, in, or parallel to the channel web with attention to required tolerances and reduced material trimming losses. Our expert channel-bending operations offer high repeatability and minimal natural material distortion.

Tube Bending

Decades of experience are invested in our tube bending capabilities. We offer small and large, round and square, rectangular tube bending operations, scratch-reduction rolling for stainless steel and aluminum tubes, and advanced mandrel bending. Tube bending equipment is selected to create the desired solutions with tight tolerances, high repeatability, and reduced distortion and material loss.

Plate Rolling

With expert plate rolling processes, Linders Specialty can fabricate components with minimal surface scratching for stainless and aluminum metal materials. Our plate rolling abilities include full cylinders, partial cylinder segments, full cones, cone segments, spiral stair components, and helical parts. Using the latest technology, our metal plate rolling methods achieve necessary tolerances and feature minimal distortion.

Metal Bending and Rolling Techniques

Forty years of metal bending and rolling provide the industry knowledge and expertise to complete specialty metal fabrications with our processes. Linders Specialty Company uses the latest techniques and tooling to include complex metal bending capabilities. Many of our bending abilities can produce additional features of rolled-off axis bends, multiple bends using CNC equipment, bends with multiple variable radii, and compound bends.

Metal Finishing Services

In addition to metal bending and rolling, we offer metal finishing operations to provide treated metal products with aesthetic and functional advantages. Our value-added services include press brake forming, shearing, welding, sawing, plasma plate burning, and plasma tube cutting. We can also punch or drill holes and additional assemblies. Surface finishing capabilities include paint, powder coating, sandblasting, corrosion prevention, and more to create a complete metal rolled solution for even the most challenging applications.

Metal Bending and Fabrication Applications

Linders Specialty Company metal bending and rolling capabilities produce metal solutions for various industries. Our metal bending and rolling fabrications have been used in the following:

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At Linders Specialty Company, we have the resources to create high-quality metal bending and rolling fabrications to meet the requirements of your application. With several bending and rolling capabilities, the latest technology and equipment, and decades of experience, we can create metal-rolled solutions with minimal material loss, tight tolerances, and reduced distortion.

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