Beam Bending

Offering decades of expertise in creating high-quality metal products, Linders Specialty Company is a full-service metal fabricator with excellent metalworking capabilities. Utilizing the latest technology, our exclusive processes are able to produce a range of rolled components within close tolerances featuring impressive repeatability. Learn about our beam rolling techniques, specifications for curved steel beams, rolled steel applications, and value-added secondary services to produce a complete curved steel component.

What is Beam Bending?

Creating curved steel beams for industrial applications is known as beam bending. Beam bending uses great force and tooling dies to bend a steel beam to application requirements. At Linders Specialty, we operate and maintain a range of high-technology machines to produce curved steel beams to your specifications. Using the latest equipment and proven production processes, we can bend steel beams in the following orientations:

As part of our bending process, we select a compatible machine for your project, ensuring that your rolled steel beam is produced within the desired tolerances and with high repeatability. By choosing a machine that individualizes the bending process, we are able to reduce material lost to trimming and provide a cost-effective premium bending service.

Specifications for Curved Metal Beams

With the latest equipment and expert methodology, Linders Specialty Company can bend steel beams with negligible and reduced natural distortion in all orientations. Additionally, our proven processes allow us to produce complex curved steel beam components with multiple bends, multiple variable radii, and compound bends to your requirements. Technical specifications for curved steel beam bending services are as follows:

Secondary Services for Curved Steel Beams

Along with our quality beam bending services, we offer value-added secondary services to produce complete curved steel beam components for the next stage in your projects. We provide welding services and metal cutting to manufacture full-service fabrications; our secondary metal cutting services include press brake forming, sawing, shearing, plasma tube cutting, and plasma plate burning. Finishing services are also available, including painting, powder coating, and sandblasting.

Curved Metal Beam Applications

Beam bending services produce rolled steel beams for a variety of industrial applications. Linders Specialty Company uses proprietary methodology and state-of-the-art equipment to fabricate high-quality rolled beams for many industries including:

High-Quality Beam Bending Services to Produce Curved Steel Beams for Your Project

Linders Specialty Company is a trusted metal fabricator with over 40 years of technical experience. Our tested proprietary methodology and state-of-the-art machinery work together to create high-quality metal fabrication products to your requirements. We can produce premium curved steel beams with tight tolerances and repeatability, providing consistency and reliability to your applications. Linders Specialty proudly aims for excellence in beam bending with reduced material distortion and exacting specifications.

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