Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Linders Specialty Company has been producing precision parts for playground equipment for many years. This is a prime example of evolving production processes along with fabrication fixtures and test jigs to ensure superior products that can meet high-quality standards repeatedly and be delivered on schedule.  Working closely with our OEM customers, and developing improved design-to-manufacture components, have been the hallmark of our success.

Commercial Playground Equipment Examples

We take pride in producing:

  • Roller slide rails
  • Cones for climbing structures.
  • Structural components for merry-go-rounds
  • Components to enable handicap access
  • Small custom solutions
  • Large integrated systems

This success comes from employing multiple processes such as:

  • Precise custom sawing fixtures
  • Joint testing jigs developed with our customer partners
  • Procedures developed that can repeatedly produce rolled parts at a cost-effective rate
  • CNC-tube bending equipment

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