Press Brake Forming

Linders Specialty Company supports all our fabrication services with metal forming from our state-of-the-art press brake equipment. Our latest addition is the newest Cincinnati Auto-Form brake.

With our new systems, we can form metal to meet your needs to a truly high level of precision and repeatability, never before possible. The 6-axis back-gauge provides the ability to quickly produce a multitude of precise bends as well as complex structures such as bump-formed cones for demanding applications.

Linders Specialty Company also employs contemporary quick change and modular tooling which accommodates fast set up of you project and therefore quicker delivery times and lower cost to manufacture. And, if we don’t have the right die for you application, we have the experience to create custom tooling for your needs.

We support your projects with onsite engineering and have the one-stop-shop to fabricate the next processes with cutting, sawing, rolling, welding, or painting.

The materials that we regularly handling in forming are mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, AR400, Corten and many other alloys.


  • Tonnage – 230 Tons
  • Overall Die Surface – 12 feet
  • Stroke Length - 10 inches
  • Open Height – 18 inches
  • Back-gauge – 6-axis programmable

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