Value Engineering is something we take seriously at Linders Specialty Company.  Our CAD programmers and technicians help in keeping costs down and quality high.  We fabricate parts to assemble precisely and quickly to mitigate in-field costs and rework and maintain a precise dimensional tolerance upon completion.  Laser alignment is incorporated whenever possible to ensure straightness and accuracy for all parts and projects.

50 foot Portable Bridge, 3600 lbs
Decorative Truss, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Steel Tube
Entry Canopy, NBC Construction, Powder Coated Aluminum
Ticket Kiosk, Mall Of America, Aluminum
Custom Fire Pit, Stainless Steel
Fire Rings, Steel, 24”, 30”, 36” & 48” Diameter
Custom Stainless Steel Locking Tool Boxes
Fabricated Aluminum Podium Frame

Architectural Fabrication

We enjoy the challenge of special projects where we can put our unique combination of experience and specialized equipment to good use. We’ve helped design and detail large curved residential and commercial stairs that require special construction to fit in confined spaces and yet need to be installed quickly through temporary openings in a minimum number of pieces to minimize field welding.

We apply our CAD systems to design, cut and roll stair parts that fit precisely enough that our fabricators can build a stair that fits perfectly with a minimum of measuring and layout while reducing labor and ensuring incredible accuracy. The stairs virtually assemble themselves. By locating field connections in critical areas we can simply tack these together while assembling the complete stair in our shop. When it comes time to ship we cut the tacks and load the stair on the truck guaranteeing a perfect fit on the site.

Custom Acoustical Reflector Frame, Symphony Hall, Chicago, IL
Elliptical Cuatom Stair with Curved Risers
Custom Splash Park Fixture, 3” 304 SS Pipe, Aquatic Recreation
Custom A588 Cor-ten Signage

OEM Equipment Fabrication

Linders Specialty Company has over forty years’ experience in manufacturing short and medium run parts for OEMs all over our region. Whether its truck and crane parts, tank and hopper parts, food processing equipment parts, conveying system parts, or repairing damaged and broken parts we can put our experience to good use. Our integrated manufacturing machinery and computer systems design specialty tooling and cost saving methods for current and non-current parts while tracking materials and welder certifications.

Our innovative approach to part design and production has allowed us to work with OEMs to modify parts specifications, reducing costs and lead times by combining operations during the production process. Bring on your toughest projects, we take pride in developing solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Minnesota has a deep reservoir of talent in specialized processes and equipment and we work with a long list of local vendors both subcontracting and as subcontractors to provide parts that would be difficult, if not impossible, to produce in one plant. By working with our neighbors we can draw on our combined experience and pass transportation costs on to our customers.

We understand on-time delivery requirements for OEM assembly lines as well as plant shutdown and maintenance requirements. Notify us of your time requirements and we will meet your delivery needs.

Rope Guard, Terex Lifting
Custom Stainless Steel Damper Assembly
Ladders, Steel tubing
Roller Slide Rails, Aluminum, Landscape Structures
Custom Aluminum Toolboxes, City of St Paul, MN
Vacuum Conveying Equipment, Aluminum, PD Railcar
Vacuum Conveying Equipment, Manhole Ring, Solimar Pneumatics
6 ft Square to 6 ft Round Transitions, 3/8” A36 Plate
Custom Fabricated Steel Framing

Sculptural Fabrication

Linders Specialty Company has been working with the metal sculpture community for over fourteen years. We have worked with such renowned artist as Alexander Tylevich, Bob Gehrke, Gene Olson, Michael Bigger, Marcia McEachron, Stuart Nielsen, Ian Dudley, Cappy Glaser, Gita Ghei, Lisa Elias, and others producing both parts and completed projects.  Can we link to artist sites or examples ( or the actual work they’ve done)?

The locations of these projects are as diverse as the projects themselves and include Minneapolis, St Paul, Edina, Bemidji, Collegeville, Columbia Heights, New Brighton, Moose Lake State Park, Dakota County, and the State Capital in Minnesota; Menomonie, Wisconsin; Miami, Florida; Denver, Colorado and more.

Materials ranged from mild steel to Cor-ten steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminum.

Finishes have included patinas, sandblasting, polishing and painting, solo and in combination.

Processes involved include CAD design and manufacturing, CNC plate burning, brake forming, structural roll bending, tube bending, plate rolling and welding.

We take great pride in being trusted by the art community to perform the work on these memorable projects and recall the enjoyable moments in developing the unique combinations of materials and processes required to complete each of these unique and endearing projects.

We would like to thank the artists for entrusting us with these projects and the private individuals, foundations and public funding that make possible.

Stainless Steel and Dichroic Glass, Winona, MN, Alexander Tylevich
Cor-ten & Stainless, St John’s Univerrsity, Collegeville, MN, Michael Bigger
3” Stainless Steel Pipe Spiral, University of Minnesota, Alexander Tylevich
3” Stainless Steel Pipe Spiral, Denver, CO, Alexander Tylevich
Stainless Spire and Spiral, Bemidji, MN, Alexander Tylevich
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