Our company’s slogan is “Moving from mind to metal…” and a recent project we completed did just that – plus it bridged a gap along a motocross racetrack in the woods. That’s why job shops like Linders Specialty exist today, to bring custom product ideas and specialty projects to life.

Yes, job shops do create custom parts and components, and we do this for manufacturers in just about every industry. But, job shops also get things done, and get products made. We can complete specialty projects from start to finish because we offer a wide range of capabilities and have the equipment to perform many processes.

At Linders Specialty Companympany, here’s what we mean:
• We’re able to do the beginning steps of a job, such as cutting parts on a burning table.
• We can shear, form and roll metal components.
• We can create a “dream project” for someone – something that someone needs to solve a problem – taking it all the way to final fabrication.

We recently did this for a customer who has a motocross track that runs through the woods. He had a problem: There was a gap created by a stream of running water and the motorcycles needed to cross the gap without driving through the water.

It was too expensive to build a permanent bridge, so our client asked us to build a portable bridge that he had in mind, one that was wide enough for the motorcycles to cross, yet light enough for them to easily install and move. We built the portable bridge and solved his problem. That’s what we do for our customers.

If you have a problem and need a solution, Linders can do it for you. That’s why job shops like Linders exist. We get things done for our customers. We make unique products – from the beginning parts to final fabrication. And we solve problems. That’s our specialty.